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Teach! The Art of Teaching Adults

Teach! The Art of Teaching Adults
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Teach! The Art of Teaching Adults
By Leo A Meyer
124 Pages, 6 x 9 softcover

A picture is worth a 1000 words
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Packed with essential and proven insights and advice from a master teacher, this handbook enables instructors at all levels to successfully teach any subject to adults.

Meyer is candid about the realities of the adult classroom. Techniques enable teachers to optimize their teaching skills, polish their presentations, and effectively manage students. Beginning with basic teaching techniques and progressing through lesson plans, discipline, and avoiding common mistakes, this book offers a step-by-step approach to achieving positive results. In this new edition an overview of presentation skills for business, education, professional, and informal settings contribute to the handbook's effective use in the classroom and workplace.

Learn the practical, real-world principles of teaching adults, stripped of unessential educational theory. This book presents teaching techniques in a light and easy style with touches of humor.

What you will learn

  • Basic teaching techniques
  • How to create project plans, job sheets, and project based teaching
  • Tips for managing people
  • How to deal with discipline issues
  • How to make course outlines, lesson plans, class objectives
  • How to test—written and performance tests
  • How to use visual aids to improve learning

This book

should be in every
technical trade
teacher's hands or bookshelf."
www.books4hvac.blogspot.com /

Teach! should be read by all directors of education and teachers from all sectors of education.
           Lynda L. Wheeler
           Director of Education,
           California College

Teach! sums up everything I really needed to know in order to effectively deliver quality instruction.
Norm Christopherson
           Senior Training Specialist
           York International UPG

We have spent thousands of dollars in instructor education over the last several years, but the best money we have ever spent was purchasing the Teach! book by Leo Meyer.
            Mel Switzer
            Assistant Training Director
            Alameda County Electrical JATC

I found this a good book especially for reference. The many different topics of teaching that are included in the book make it easy to go to a particular subject such as, for example, getting a guest speaker. It has a short page of general info on that part of a classroom activity. Or organizing lesson plans and papers, planning presentations and testing procedures are well described. Another part was the section about lesson plans. There is a simple example on the page and a good description of why, when, and how.

It is a good size book, not too big, not too small, easy to have available on the desk. I am not one to sit down and read a whole book through but like to have information as needed, available and easy to get to. I think that this book does do the job!

Thanks for the opportunity to look it over.
             Marty Bardelmeier
             Lake County Office of Education
             WorkAbility 1 Program

I have found it helpful both in its author’s real world experience and as a way to organize my lesson presentation. I use the lesson plan form to map out my lecture, lab and interactive activities. The book was also shared with a friend of mine who teaches auto mechanics. He was skeptical when the book was given, but commended the author’s practical and well rounded approach.

Thank you for publishing this book.

                Dan Holgate
Inspector, UC Berkeley

Your book Teach! The Art of Teaching Adults is just what all of our instructors and apprenticeship coordinators have been looking for over the years to help them in their apprenticeship training classes. It lays out, in an easy-to-understand format, suggestions on how instructors can help make their classes more interesting, boost attentiveness in class, and in general help their apprentices to better learn what’s being presented in lesson plans.

There is no doubt that Leo Meyer’s experiences as an instructor are the contributing factors as to why this is such a valuable teaching tool, and why it is easy to understand.

You have created something here which needs to be read by anyone in a teaching/classroom setting. You have made the jobs of our instructors and coordinators a lot easier with this book. They all loved it.
                 Robert J. Krul
                 Apprenticeship Coordinator
                 United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers 
                    and Allied Workers

WOW! We are a couple of students interning at Summerbridge National and we just stumbled across your amazing and straight-forward book TEACH! The Art of Teaching Adults.

Congratulations on your book. We’re so glad we’ve found it!
Rory Dorman
               Program Team Intern

The book was affordably priced and packed with information that our instructors could use in their classroom.
               Warren Wright
               San Bernardino County Schools

I’ve been teaching since 1980 and have not seen a book like this. It is well-written and most helpful.
David Rifkin
               Apprenticeship Instructor

Leo A. Meyer is the author of Sheet Metal and has written more than 50 training manuals. He is the chairman of the board of LAMA Books and is a former sheet metal journeyman, apprentice instructor, associate dean of instruction for vocational education at Chabot College, and teacher training instructor at the University of California-Berkeley.


LAMA Books, 510-785-1091, 510-785-1099 fax


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