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Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship & Workforce Dvlpmnt Manual

Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship & Workforce Dvlpmnt Manual
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Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship & Workforce Development Manual
EIC Chesapeak, WECA
8.5 x 11, Hardcover

An introduction to the electrical trades, this book primes students for success in an apprenticeship program or for a career as an electrician. This all-inclusive manual focuses not only on basic electrical training but also includes the critical math, reading, safety, and soft skills necessary for success in the workplace.It supports the students' learning with interactive assignments, experience-building labs, helpful life skills tips, as well as career profiles of former apprentices that show how achievement in the classroom translates into a more rewarding career.


  • Interim Self-Checks: Chapters include self-assessments after every topic, which keep learning goals on target and allow for backtracking as needed.
  • Hands-On Assignments: Assignments, labs, and activities connect the chapter material to actual experiences in the field, deepening reader comprehension while broadening their perspective about the electrical trades.
  • Unique Life Skills Focus: Tips throughout the text develop interpersonal and technical skills required by a high-paying job--and keep them focused on landing one.
  • Goal-Oriented Organization: Every chapter starts with a career profile, life skill focus, and real-world applications to keep readers engaged in the material, while a summary, review questions, and glossary reinforce their understanding at the end.
  • Motivating Profiles: Career Profiles at the beginning of each chapter motivate readers and show how success in the classroom translates into a rewarding career.

Table of Contents:

A Career in the Electrical Trades
Professional Behavior and Study Skills
Math and the Metric System
Basic Concepts of Electricity and Magnetism
Electrical Theory
Introduction to the NEC
Electrical Tools
Wiring Overview
Wiring Devices
Wiring Methods
Wiring Calculations
Residential Wiring Requirements
Green Technology
The Job Search

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