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ASHRAE GreenGuide

ASHRAE GreenGuide
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ASHRAE GreenGuide: The Design, Construciton, and Operation of Sustainable Buildings
2018 5th Edition
6 x 9
528 pages

This is an excellent reference for anyone in the HVAC industry interested in reducing negative effects on the environment from their installations. The book uses two key terms: green and sustainability. Green buildings are designed to have a minimum effect on the environment. Sustainability is defined as, "Providing for the needs of the present without detracting from the ability to fulfill the needs of the future."

          The book contains 45 "GreenTips"—most of them for the HVAC systems. Each tip describes a procedure to make a building more environmentally friendly. They include:

  • A description of the process
  • Pros and cons
  • Elements of cost
  • References for more information

Typical GreenTips are:

  • ir-to-air energy recovery
  • Night precooling
  • Mixed air temperature reset
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Solar energy



SECTION 1: Basics
     1. Green/Sustainable High-Performance Design
     2. Background and Fundamentals

SECTION 3: The Design Process
     3. Commissioning
     4. Architectural Design Impacts
     5. The Design Process—Early stages
     6. LEED Guidance for HVAC Engineers
     7. Conceptual Engineering Design—Load Determination
     8. Space Thermal/Comfort Delivery System
     9. Interaction With the Local Environment
   10.  Energy Distribution Systems
   11.  Energy Conversion Systems
   12.  Energy/Water Sources
   13.  Lighting Systems
   14.  Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems
   15.  Building Control Systems
   16.  Completing Design and Documentation 
            for Construction

SECTION 3: Post Design—Construction to Demolition
   17.  Construction
   18.  Operation/Maintenance/Performance
             Evaluation Bibliography
Terms, Definitions, and Acronyms

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