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I have over 20 years of experience teaching HVAC. I continually search for new HVAC training materials that are well written and simplify difficult topics and concepts. The Indoor Environment Technicians Library from LAMA Books not only meets that goal, it exceeds my expectations. Every teacher and student of HVAC should own a set.
              Norm Christopherson, Senior Training Specialist
              York International UPG

I have gotten a great deal from your books and return to them often. Your style is layman oriented and easily understandable.
I share much of your info with other techs I work with and am always looking forward to the next work in progress.
LAMA Books provides an excellent training and reference texts. I find the topics well presented in an easy-to-understand format. Keep them coming.
              Thanks so much
              John W. Armstrong, HVAC Technician

Keep up the good work. I am evaluating my training needs and hope to utilize more of LAMA’s books
              Jim Bennett

Very happy with the books—easy to understand. Use them to train technicians.
              Kevin Jordan, Viking Mechanical

So clear and easy to understand.
              Mark Harris, HVAC Tech

Thank you. These are great. Keep them coming.
              Alex Barry, Centexhomes.com

Airflow in Ducts

I’m presently reading Airflow in Ducts and learning more than I imagined. Thanks for all the great info.
              Steve Bay

This book is simple and straightforward. There are good problem sets that reinforce the major points of each chapter.
              David Rifkin
              Apprenticeship Instructor

Airflow in Ducts was a very valuable book for our students here at J&J Air Conditioning. I found the book very concise and clear to technician-level students and was a great help to teaching the subject. Although fluid dynamics (including airflow) is a complicated subject, this training book presented the material in such a way that persons who do not normally use such technology were interested and excited to apply it in their work.
              Kenneth Martin, PE

Control System basics for HVAC Technicians

I'm relatively new to the field and just received your book on controls and it's a Godsend. I'mthe new guy and I cover the gravyard shift as well as 13 buildings and countless machine rooms as well as critical equipment. It's a great job but sometimes I feel a little lost because there is no one to confer with regarding troubleshooting problems. Your book covers the ystems in a clear and concise way. I thank you for presenting the information in a level that is comprehensible.
               Ralph Walker,
Engineer, NY Presbyterian Hospital

Basics of Electricity

At Pennco Tech we offer excellence in HVAC education. All of our instructors use Basics of Electricity because it clearly presents the technical information needed in HVAC work in a way our students can quickly understand and apply on the job. I highly recommend Basics of Electricity to teachers, students, and techs.
              Douglas M. Johnson,
              Director, Pennco Tech, New Jersey

I am impressed by the way Leo Meyer has been able to put across the principles of electricity and simple electrical components. The pictures are very descriptive and straightforward. They are a simple way of showing trainees what happens. I was impressed with the book and it covers exactly what it says - Basics of Electricity.
              Tony Darlow, Training Manager
              The Techtrain Centre, England

Fairly priced and loaded with very informative information.
              William G Irvin, Delta Refrigeration

Fans and V-belt Drives

My job involves overseeing a number of buildings—both private residences and public buildings, and I must make sure that our thousands of visitors are comfortable in a variety of weather conditions. Leo’s book, Fans and V-Belt Drives is a great reference for all the information  I need to make fan maintenance and trouble shooting as easy as possible.
              Stuart Macindoe
              Facility Manager, MA Center, San Ramon, CA

Indoor Air Quality

Great IAQ book. My students loved it, easy to read. Easy to read, but very factual and down to earth. Great for my college class on Indoor Air Quality.
             Best regards,
             Greg Jourdan
             Professor/Program Director
             Wenatchee Valley College

Instruments for HVAC Work

I found this book to be a useful reference regarding information on the applications of  troubleshooting tools available to the mechanic.
              Ron Riedell
              RRiedell  Consulting

Math for the Technician

Math for the Technician is the best math book for the technician yet. The math is directly applied to equations technicians actually can use. One of the best ways to learn the math necessary in our industry is by applying it to the problems we need to solve on the job. Mr. Meyer has done exactly that!
              Norm Christopherson,
              Senior Training Specialist
              York International UPG

Safety for the Indoor Evironment

Sometimes people want to reduce safety training to a short appeal to common sense. Mr. Meyer goes well beyond this essential aspect of it though. He spends a good deal of time up front addressing an attitude of safety. I was particularly struck by his comments about safety being invisible, the concept that one does not really know how many injuries or fatalities have actually been prevented by their actions. I teach safety for the HVACR trade every semester, and I learned a few things reading throughout his easily read book. Who knows how many injuries or fatalities he will prevent through this fine text on safety.
              Terry M. Rogers, HVAC Instructor
              Midlands Technical College

Variable Air Volume

Mr. Meyer has crafted a well-conceived, nuts and bolts book on the often misunderstood (and misapplied) topic of VAV Systems. This book will be useful for those in the HVACR field who are being introduced to larger commercial systems. It will also make a good reference for experienced technicians who are being introduced to VAV configurations with which they are not familiar. He cuts through the technical clutter of instrumentation and psychrometrics so often found in texts on this subject. He presents the information in plain language, with useful exercises at the end of each section. He has the ability, lacking in other technical writers who simply are reciting information, to teach with his words. This treatment of the topic meets the “3Cs” criteria for quality technical writing: clear, concise, and comprehensive. I sincereley recommend it.
                Terry M. Rogers, HVAC Instructor
                Midlands Technical College

HVAC Technician's Handbook

You sent your recent publication HVAC Technician’s Handbook for our review and our TAB instructors love it. I have decided to provide it to our recently certified TAB technicians as a handy reference easily carried in their tool kits (and as a gift for the completion of the certification process).
               Steve Gruenfelder, Director
               West Training Center
               Southern California Sheet Metal
               Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee

Another great text by Leo Meyer. A must have for the HVAC installing & service technician. Full of excellent need to know information
               Joe Marchese, RHVAC tools.com

Thank you for publishing another book. I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your books. They are very informative. I really enjoy the fact that the info is very technical but it is in a format that is easy to comprehend and to follow. Thanks again you guys are the best.
                Perrin Perez

Layout for Duct Fittings

Wonderful text, very practical, as is all of Leo Meyer’s texts. A must have for any technician working with sheetmetal in the HVAC industry.
                Joe Marchese, RHVAC tools.com

Received your book Layout for Duct Fittings and find it an excellent source of tips and information.
                M. Busch

HVAC Security and Safety for Vulnerability Assessment

An excellent source of information about the safety and integrity of HVAC systems. Provides great user-friendly checklists and other helpful tools.
                Peter A. Wray
                Certified Healthcare Safety Professional

Refrigeration for the HVAC Technician

This book is also a great asset to Building Owners, Building Operators and Building Managers. The information contained in this book could easily save $1000s in costly repairs that could be avoided, with the right knowledge at hand. I found it to be very fast reading with the concepts laid out in a very logical manner.
             Clayne A. Larsen
             HVAC/R Shop Supervisor
             Brigham Young University

Control System Basics for HVAC Technicians

Your book, Control System Basics for HVAC Technicians, is a great help to the HVAC industry and all people working in this field.  This book explains how systems work together with the controls, how controls help identify problems, how to troubleshoot, and how controls operate air systems. This is one of the very best books to keep with you at all times.  It is a great reference to have at your fingertips.
             Dale Barnett 
             Owner, Payson Sheet Metal

Leo has done it again.  The material in Control System Basics for HVAC Technicians is written in easy format and will be understood by a basic technician with ease. The step-by-step language and graphics make it easy for the control service tech to understand the sequence of operation.  This book will give him/her a basic understanding of controls and HVAC systems.
             Bernie Merkel
             Director of HVAC Service Training,
             International Training Institute, VA

Management Tools & Systems for the Building
Engineer/Maintenance Supervisor

Using the information in this book, I doubled my income and made myself unique and valuable in Building Engineering/Maintenance and Property Management. You can do the same!
Robert Boyll

I've just completed the annual fire inspection of your bulding and I wanted to take a moment to let you  know how impressed I was with the condition of the property. Mr. Robert Boyll and Mr. Chris Reed led us through an incredibly clean and well-organized building, showing us complete and up-to-date records of inspections of all the relevant systems. Their innovations included a fully stocked emergency center in the upstarts office and reflective tape in the stairwells to aid in evacuation in low light conditions.

Their preparations were far beyond what is required by code; it's obvious that their commitment to the safety of the occupants of the building and the wellbeing of the responding firefighters is heartfelt. I wanted to let you know how much we in the fire service appreciate all their efforts.

           Captain Adam Pegler
Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service
           Fire Station 23

Teach! The Art of Teaching Adults

The fact that Leo A. Meyer has written many
HVAC related publications,
this book should be in every
technical trade teachers hands or bookshelf."

www.books4hvac.blogspot.com /

Teach! should be read by all directors of education and teachers from all sectors of education.
           Lynda L. Wheeler
           Director of Education,
           California College

Teach! sums up everything I really needed to know in order to effectively deliver quality instruction.
Norm Christopherson
           Senior Training Specialist
           York International UPG

We have spent thousands of dollars in instructor edcuation over the last several years, but the best money we have ever spent was purchasing the Teach! book by Leo Meyer.
            Mel Switzer
            Assistant Training Director
            Alameda County Electrical JATC

I have found it helpful both in its author’s real world experience and as a way to organize my lesson presentation. I use the lesson plan form to map out my lecture, lab and interactive activities. The book was also shared with a friend of mine who teaches auto mechanics. He was skeptical when the book was given, but commended the author’s practical and well rounded approach.

Thank you for publishing this book.

                Dan Holgate
Inspector, UC Berkeley

Your book Teach! The Art of Teaching Adults is just what all of our instructors and apprenticeship coordinators have been looking for over the years to help them in their apprenticeship training classes. It lays out, in an easy-to-understand format, suggestions on how instructors can help make their classes more interesting, boost attentiveness in class, and in general help their apprentices to better learn what’s being presented in lesson plans.

There is no doubt that Leo Meyer’s experiences as an instructor are the contributing factors as to why this is such a valuable teaching tool, and why it is easy to understand.

You have created something here which needs to be read by anyone in a teaching/classroom setting. You have made the jobs of our instructors and coordinators a lot easier with this book. They all loved it.
                 Sincerely yours
                 Robert J. Krul
                 Apprenticeship Coordinator
                 United Union of Roofers,
                    and Allied Workers

WOW! We are a couple of students interning at Summerbridge National and we just stumbled across your amazing and straight-forward book TEACH! The Art of Teaching Adults.

Congratulations on your book. We’re so glad we’ve found it!
Rory Dorman
               Program Team Intern

The book was affordably priced and packed with information that our instructors could use in their classroom.
               Warren Wright
               San Bernardino County Schools

I’ve been teaching since 1980 and have not seen a book like this. It is well-written and most helpful.
David Rifkin
               Apprenticeship Instructor

I have been an HVAC-R Instructor since 1968. I have numerous vocational courses, and have earned a "Master Degree in Vocational Education."

After many costly text books and courses taken through this process. I finally discovered Teach by Leo A Meyer. This could have been a god send if I had only had this book to learn from at the beginning of my teaching career, as well as to train and assist instructors that I have trained over the years.

I would like to recommend this book for new instructot/teachers as well as seasoned instructors/teachers in HVAC-R. The Teach book is easily adaptable for any vocational subject.

Thank you for this wonderful work.

              Richard Jones, HVAC-R coordinator
              Arizona Automotive Institute

Seminars! How to Run Succesful Seminars

“In the conduct of my professional services, I am frequently called upon to organize meetings and perform training at seminars. Over the years I have sought a quick reference that would help me to keep on track during the preparation for my meetings or presentations. I finally found this resource when I  read the first draft copy of “Seminars.” Here is a book that doesn’t keep me thumbing through the index to find out what I need to know. My questions are easily found in the text without undue searching. The language is clear, what I like to call “real people language.” It is simple, to the point, and tells you just what you need to know without giving your cauliflower eyeballs. The greatest compliment that I can extend to “Seminars” is that it is a working person’s guide to success.
                 Zoyd R. Luce, President
                 Resorgimento Management

2005-2006 Occupational Programs in
California Community Colleges

This book is exactly what I have been looking for! This saves my time tremendously every time I need to search & find a appropriate school that offers specific training programs for my deaf consumers. So simple and easy to follow book!
              Michelle Aquileur
              Senior Vocational Rehabilitation
                   Counselor for the Deaf
               Dept. of Rehab. Los Angeles, CA

In my work as a college counselor, I find the Occupational Programs in California Community Colleges an indispensable tool to locate programs my college doesn’t offer, to locate rare programs or training that can be acquired at the inexpensive community college price, and for students who are moving to another part of California and want to complete their program or major.

One example I can give is a student who mentioned to me that he wanted to be a mortician. I couldn’t imagine a community college teaching such a program, but sure enough I found that Cypress College offered the program by referencing it in the OPCCC. The student and I set up a plan to finish most of his general education here at Reedley College and then transfer on to Cypress College.

Another example is a student who had to move because her husband was in the navy and he was transferred to the Miramar base in San Diego. She wanted to continue her nursing (RN) program. By using the map located in the back of the OPCCC, the student and I located community colleges within a reasonable distance from the navy base. The student expressed her wish to attend San Diego Miramar College since it was the closest college to the base. The program charts, however, showed that San Diego City College offered her program. We looked up the college web address, provided in the section about each college, to gain knowledge specific to that college and its programs. We used the telephone number to locate the counseling office at San Diego City College and set up the student with a counseling appointment. Then the student and I went to another website and found that the student could travel quickly and comfortably from the navy base to the college by using the San Diego Red Line. The student left with a greater sense of confidence and comfort than before our counseling appointment. This whole progress happened in a short time period.

The OPCCC saves valuable time from having to look in all the college catalog and websites. With the budget cut backs, I am given less contact time with students. I’m sure most counselors find themselves in similar circumstances. To be honest, I couldn’t have been able to assist these students in the way I did without the Occupational Programs in California Community College.
             Case Bos
             Counselor; Honors Counselor
             Career Center Coordinator, 
             Reedley College

When I called this morning in regard to a new edition of the Occupational Program in California Community Colleges, I was disappointed to learn that there is a question on whether this book will continue to be published. Please pass on my testimonial about this wonderful resource for programs offered throughout California within the community college system. There have been many times that I have referred Cuesta College students to this book and they have found just the right college for their occupational major. In my 24 years as a Career/Transfer Center Assistant, I can honestly say this book has been one of my favorites.
              Noma Summers
              Cuesta College

PLEASE continue to print these books! They are invaluable for the counselors at our school. When the public comes in asking for programs not available at our occupational center, we use your book to refer them to a PUBLIC school that offers the program they need. Private schools do so much advertising that the poor public isn’t even aware of what public schools have to offer. Not only are the fees more affordable, the programs are so much better than those at private schools. I can’t tell you how often someone will come in who attended a private nursing program only to have the school shut down prior to graduation. Or how often a person who completes a nursing program at a private school only to fail the state boards because he wasn’t properly prepared. Your book is invaluable for the benefit of anyone searching for an education. We have 2001-2002, but it’s badly in need of updating.

Thank you for your efforts to continue publishing this book.
             Janine Quint, counselor
             West Valley Occupational center
             Woodland Hills  CA  91367
             (818) 346-3540 ext. 286
              We are part of the Los Angeles
                    Unified School District

The Reading Program

Here’s what users say:

“My reading skills have improved greatly. My vocabulary and spelling also have improved greatly. I think that this is a beautiful way to teach reading. I enjoyed it.”

“I have improved greatly in my reading comprehension. When reading a book, magazine, or textbook, I understand it and only need to read it once when before I had to read it several times to really understand what I was reading. Book A helped me a great deal in my pronunciation of words.”

“In  my opinion these are excellent books for teaching.  I suggest these books be used as a teaching aide for English teachers both in Elementary and High Schools."

“I notice that I can read faster and understand most of what I read without going over several time before I understand what it is.”

“The results I saw in my reading ability were quite amazing. I didn’t think I would be able to comprehend my reading as much as I do now.”

“Just checking in with you regarding our pilot attempt with The Reading Program. I’m not sure what I would do without it. I can see the need for this to be offered each semester.”     

              Deborah McDounal
              Reading Program Instructor

"I am a vocational instructor for a HVAC&R class. My classroom library includes the LAMA IET series of books. My students and I find them a valuable resource because they are easy to read and understand as well as being filled with the technical information needed to diagnose problems. Thank you for publishing this series.

Sharon Artlip
Vocational Instructor
Blythe  CA

LAMA Books, 510-785-1091,  510-785-1099 fax

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