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Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters

Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters
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Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters
By Lee Smith
2013, 8th Edition
288 Pages, 8.5 x 11 softcover

This book covers all the practical mathematics that a plumber or pipefitter should know. It has clear explanations, samples of applications, and many drawings.

Review of Basic Fundamentals
     Some Basic Rules for Mathematics
     Solving Formulas/Equations
     Square Root
     Review of Angle Measure
     Conversion of Length Measure
Pipe Length Calculations
     Standard Weight Pipe
     Allowance for Threaded Fittings
     Copper Tubing
     Allowances for Copper Fittings
     Plastic Pipe
     Allowance for Plastic Fittings
     Welding Steel Pipe
     Allowing for Welded Fittings
     Equal Spacing
     Angles in Plumbing
     Offset, Diagonal, Rise, and Run
     Solving for 45° Constants
     45° Diagonal and Pipe Length
     Three-Pipe Diagrams with a 45° Offset
     Right Angle with a 45° Diagonal
     45° Offsets with a Wye Fitting
     Wye and Tee-Wye Assemblies
     The 0.707 Constant in 45° Pipe Assemblies
     Solving for Other Angles
     Pipe Bending
     Cast Iron Pipe
     Cast Iron Assemblies with Various Bends
     Bend Offsets
     Assemblies with Cast Iron Wyes and Tee-Wyes
     Single Loop Back-Venting
     Grade, Percent Grade, Drop, and Run
     Elevation and Grade
     Elevation in a Plan View pipe Diagram
     Jumper Offsets
     45° Offsets in Parallel
     Special Case of 45° Offsets in Parallel
     Rolling Offsets
     Combination Offsets
     Pipe Length by Layout
     Cast Iron Flanged Fittings
     Miter Cuts—Welded Pipe
Sheet Metal Work
     Shower Pan or Safe
     Rectangular Tank Liner
     Cylindrical Stretchouts
     Roof Pitch
Volumes, Pressures, Capacities
     Water Measure
     Rectangular Solids
     Partialy Filled Containers of Varying Shapes
     Water Pressure, Head, and Force
     Ratio of Pipe Capacities
     Pipe Sizing
     Mecahnical Advantage
     The State of Matter and Why It Matters
     Properties of Gases
     Heat Loss vs. Radiator Size
     Radiation Sizing for Total Heat Loss of a Room
     Estimating Size of Piping
     Sizing Ventilation
     Heating Problems for a Two-Flow House
The Builder's Level
     Words Used in Leveling
     Math Aids in Leveling
Appendix A
Appendix B


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