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Fans and V-belt Drives (downloadable)

Fans and V-belt Drives (downloadable)
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Fans and V-belt Drives (downloadable)
By Leo A Meyer
129 Pages, 6 x 9 softcover


Learn to easily calculate fan speed to get the CFM you want. How to change V-belts properly and safely. Fan problems and maintenance. Practical knowledge for fans and V-belts. Here’s every practical thing you need to know about fans and V-belts. You will learn about all the fan types you work with. Learn to calculate fan speed to get the CFM you need. You will know how to change V-belts properly and safely—and to extend the life of the belt. You will learn about V-belt drives-pitch diameter, nominal length, pitch length, belt horsepower. The knowledge in this book gives you an edge over others in the industry.

    Fan Terms
    Fan Safety
    Types of Fans
    Fan Curves and Fan Tables
    System Effect
    V-Belt Drives
    Fan Accessories
    Fan Laws for CFM, RPM, and
        Sheave Diameters
    Fan Laws for SP and Bhp
    Fan Problems
    Fan Maintenance

My job involves overseeing a number of buildings—both private residences and public buildings, and I must make sure that our thousands of visitors are comfortable in a variety of weather conditions. Leo’s book, Fans and V-Belt Drives is a great reference for all the information I need to make fan maintenance and trouble shooting as easy as possible.
             Stuart Macindoe, Facility Manager
             MA Center, San Ramon, CA


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