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Layout for Duct Fittings (downloadable)

Layout for Duct Fittings (downloadable)
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Layout for Duct Fittings (downloadable)
By Leo A Meyer 
112 Pages, 6 x 9 wir-o softcover



Easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions from an experienced layout man. Master any situation with principles and shortcuts few techs know for laying out the patterns for all the common rectangular and round duct fittings and transitions. This is the ONLY layout book to:
    Teach basic principles that apply to all layout problems
    Teach the time-saving shop methods of layout for the
        common duct fittings you need on the job 
    Teach the proven short-cut methods of layout used by
        the experts 

This book teaches you everything you need to know to make it easy to solve any layout problem, from the most basic to the most complex. These tips will make you more valuable on the job because you will have the confidence to tackle and solve any layout problem without the the help of a computer! An excellent book for use in the classroom.

This book has a special binding so it lies open and flat as you study the layout procedures.

A companion workbook—Practice Projects for Layout for Duct Fittings—gives 23 layout projects to practice on. The finished patterns for each project are provided, showing all the notching and the allowances for seams and edges. These projects are presented as shop tickets—just the way you get them on the job.

    Laying out Patterns
    Making Connections
    Rectangular Transitions
    S Offsets
    Rectangular Duct Elbows
    Round Tapers
    Round Tees
    Round Elbows

Wonderful text, very practical, as are all of Leo Meyer’s texts. A must have for any technician working with sheet metal in the HVAC industry.
          Joe Marchese RHVAC tools.com

Received your book Layout for Duct Fittings and find it an excellent source of tips and information.
          M. Busch

Nice little book and it's easy to read.
        William Key, Melton Heating-Cooling-Plumbing

I've been in business over 40 years and I found the book very interesting with great short cuts.
        Edward Wsloak


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