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Carbon Monoxide—A Clear & Present Danger

Carbon Monoxide—A Clear & Present Danger
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Carbon Monoxide—A Clear & Present Danger
By Dwyer et al
168 Pages, softcover

Addresses carbon monoxide (CO) issues for technicians, emergency first responders, and inspectors. Includes detailed information on carbon monoxide, combustion, and pressure measurements.

   Carbon Monoxide
          Signs and Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
          Health Effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
          Sources of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
          Understand How Your Text Instruments Calibrate
          CO Alarms
          Code Compliance
          Responding to a CO Alarm
          CO Standard
          CO and Combustion Testing Procedures
          Principles of Combustible Gas for Technicians
          Controlled Gas Fuel and Combustion
          Clocking a Gas Meter
          Relationship between O2, CO2, and Excess Air
          Oil-fired Burners
          Fuel Delivery, Air, Combustion, By-product
          Types of Efficiencies
          Burner Operation
          Time, Temperature, Turbulence
          Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)
          Combustion Testing Procedures
          Combustion Troubleshooting Guide
   Pressure Measurements
          Why Pressure Testing is Needed
          What is Pressure?
          Air Flow by Building Design
          Pitot Tube
          External Static Pressure Testing
          Pressure Drop Across an Air Filter
          The Driving Forces
          Preparing the Building and Combustion Appliance
Appendix A. Forms
Appendix B. References


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