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Basics of Electricity

Basics of Electricity
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Basics of Electricity
By Leo A Meyer
105 Pages, 6 x 9 softcover
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Practical electricity as applied to HVAC work. Electricity the way you need it! No involved equations. No engineering explanations. Just the practical stuff you need in your everyday HVAC work. Straight, simple explanations that are easy to read. This gives you the electrical know-how you need to work in any part of the HVAC industry.

Easy-to-understand explanations of electricity as it relates to HVAC with no involved equations. Covers AC/DC circuits, magetism, series and parallel circuits, reactance, capacitors and capacitive reactance, power factor, electrical work, transformers, and safety.

    Electrical Safety
    Basic Electricity in DC Circuits
    Magnetism and Electricity
    Series and Parallel Circuits
    AC Circuits
    Reactance Capacitors and
        Capacitive Reactance
    Power Factor
    Electrical Work

At Pennco Tech we offer excellence in HVAC education. All of our instructors use Basics of Electricity because it clearly presents the technical information needed in HVAC work in a way our students can quickly understand and apply on the job. I highly recommend Basics of Electricity to teachers, students, and techs.
Douglas M. Johnson, Director
              Pennco Tech, New Jersey

I am impressed by the way Leo Meyer has been able to put across the principles of electricity and simple electrical components. The pictures are very descriptive and straightforward. They are a simple way of showing trainees what happens. I was impressed with the book and it covers exactly what it says - Basics of Electricity.
Tony Darlow, Training Manager
              The Techtrain Centre, England

Fairly priced and loaded with very informative information.
              William G Irvin, Delta Refrigeration


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