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Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures CD

Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures CD
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Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures CD
By John Tomczyk


The CD has an excellent explanation of the basic refrigeration cycle and of superheat and of subcooling. It has good sample problems that work you through the solutions. There's a good quiz after each section. There is far too much material for one session. Do only one section at one sitting, and then read the corresponding section in the book.

    Refrigerant Systems
          Discharge line
          Liquid line
          Metering device
          Suction line
      Refrigeration Systems
                    Condensing pressure
             Evaporating pressure
             States and conditions
             Application of pressures, states, and conditions
             Section quiz
      Subcooling and Superheating
             Liquid subcooling
             Subcooling categories
             Preventing liquid line flash
             Pressure drop
             How much subcooling is needed?
             Liquid pressure amplification and superheat suppression
             Enviroguard ™ refrigerant control system
             Vapor superheating
             Section quiz
      Metering Devices
             Capillary tubes
             Thermostatic expansion valves
             Automatic expansion valves
             Section quiz
      System Charging
             TXV/Receiver/Sightglass systems
             Capillary tubes or fixed orifice refrigeration systems
             Capillary tubes or fixed orifice air conditioning systems
             Section quiz


LAMA Books, 510-785-1091, 888-452-6244

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