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Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures

Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures
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Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures
By John Tomczyk
86 Pages, softcover

I recommend this when the book and CD (shown below) are used together. Both have the same material. The CD provides great graphics and an easy way to learn. There is far too much technical material on the CD for you to absorb and remember at one time. But if you use the book to reinforce the learning and to serve as a future reference, you will have an excellent learning experience.




    Refrigerant Pressures, States, and Conditions
          Condensing Pressure
          Evaporating Pressure
          Refrigerant States and Conditions
          Basic Refrigeration System
          Application of Pressures, States, and Conditions
    Subcooling and Superheating
          Liquid Subcooling
          Subcooling Categories
          Subcooling Needed to Prevent Liquid Line Flash
          Pressure Drop
          How Much Subcooling is Needed
          Liquid Pressure Amplification and Superheat
          Enviroguard TMRefrigerant Control System
     Metering Devices
          Capillary Tubes
          Thermostatic Expansion Valve
          Automatic Expansion Valves (AXVs)
     System Charge
          Charging TXV/Receiver/Sightglass Refrigeration
          Charging Capillary Tube or Fixed Orifice
               Refrigeration Systems
          Charging Capillary Tube or Fixed Orifice
               Air Conditioning Systems

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