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Refrigeration Fundamentals for HVACR Technicians

Refrigeration Fundamentals for HVACR Technicians
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Refrigeration Fundamentals for HVACR Technicians
By Jim Johnson

This 100-page, information-packed technician handbook focuses first on the fundamentals of heat transfer, then moves on to discussing refrigeration system components, accessing sealed systems, evaluation and troubleshooting. Information on studying for the EPA Refrigerant Recovery Certification Exam is also included, along with sample questions and an answer key. Extensive use of graphics and simple explanations from a nuts and bolts perspective eliminate the mysteries behind vapor compression refrigeration systems.

The Laws of Thermodynamics
     Sensible and Latent Heat
     Refrigeration System Components
     Fixed Bore Metering Devices and
          Expansion Valves
     Refrigeration System Accessories
     Using Gauges and Temperature
          Pressure Charts To Evaluate a System
     Refrigerant Recovery Procedures
     Evacuating and Dehydrating a System
     EPA Refrigerant Recovery Guidelines


LAMA Books, 510-785-1091, 888-452-6244

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