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Understanding Psychrometrics

Understanding Psychrometrics
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Understanding Psychromatrics
By Donald P Gatley 
2nd Edition, 2005
382 Pages, 6 x 9 hardcover

A thorough coverage of psychrometrics. This is a book for the experienced technician, the contractor, and the engineer. A good feature is the clock symbols in the margins—They indicated the essential reading for a new reader that will provide the basics of psychrometrics in about 6 hours of reading. A CD of the basic material is included.

          How to Use this Book
          Moist Air—The Psychrometic Substance
          Water Vapour
          Basics of the Psychrometric Chart
          Underlyig Theory and Algorithms
          Ideal Gas
          Psychrometric Pioneers and Charts from
                the First 100 Years
     Psychrometric Properties
          Psychrometric Properties and Conversions
          Dry-Bulb Temperature
          Wet-Bubl Temperature
          Dew-Point Temperature
          Relative Humidity
          Barometric Pressure
          Specific Enthalpy
          Specific Volume
          Humidity Ratio
          Water Vapour Pressure
     Basic Psychrometric Processess
          Psychrometric Proesses
          Process Calculations and Definitions of
                Sensible & Latent Enthalpy Change
          Why Do Air-Conditioning Engineers
                Need Psychrometrics?
     Processes in Meteorology
          Adiabatic Expansion & Adiabatic Compression
     Additional Information
          Fan Temperature Rise
          Frequently Asked Questions
          Altitude Effects on Psychrometrics & HVAC
          Psychrometric Program Listing &
                 Comparison Table


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