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Safety for the Indoor Environment Technician

Safety for the Indoor Environment Technician
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Safety for the Indoor Environment Technician
By Leo A Meyer
110 Pages, 6 x 9 softcover


This provides the basis for your OSHA-required shop safety program when used with  HVAC Safety Program Guide. Covers safety with electrical equipment, fans, piping, sheet metal, construction, hazardous materials, and more.

Avoid personal injury and costly accidents. You can’t work without fingers! And other parts! This book will keep you all together. It covers the hazards you face on the job and how to avoid them. If you work in HVAC, you need this book as a reference and as a reminder. Don’t say, “I know this stuff.” You will be surprised to learn all the things you haven’t thought of. OSHA will love you. Don’t slow your path to success by accidents.

    Keeping Safety in Mind
    Hazardous Materials
    Electrical Safety
    Equipment Safety
    Fan Safety
    Piping Safety
    Sheet Metal Shop Safety
    Construction Safety
    Ladder Safety
    Scaffolds and Work Platforms Hoisting

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to start your OHSA
required safety program.
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