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Plumbing 301

Plumbing 301
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Plumbing 301
8.5 x 11, 458 pages, Softcover

Designed for the third year plumbing apprentice, this book was developed in partnership with the PHCC Educational Foundation Plumbing Apprentice Committee. It is easy reading and has good illustrations. This is an excellent basic plumbing text.

    Pre-Planning, Productivity, and Profitability
    Residential Fixtures and Appliances
    Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional 
        Fixtures and Appliances
    Installation Methods
    Fixture Fittings and Trim
    Trim Installation
    Blueprints and Specifications
    Drawings Types, Floor Plans, and
        Site Plans
    Structural, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC,
        and Detail Plans
    National Fuel Gas Code, Materials, and
        Types of Fuel Gases
    Fuel Gas Pipe Sizing
    Fuel Gas Piping, Fittings, and Connections
    Gas Appliances, Regulators, Meters,
        and Appliance Controls
    Fuel Gas Piping, Corrosion, and
        Corrosion Protection
    Vents for Category 1 Appliances
    Gas Combustion and Controls
    Study of Local Fuel Gas Codes
    Level, Transit, Elevations, and Grade
    Builders Level
    Builders Transit
    Tank Capacities, Volume, and
        Weight of Water
    Ratios and Proportions
    Storm Drainage and Sizing Storm
    Energy & Temperature, Piping Expansion,
        Heat Transfer, Insulation, Humidity,
        and Condensation
    Water Treatment
    Heat Transfer in Water Heaters—
        Solar, Stratification, Multiple
        Heaters, and Recirculation
    Basic of Electricity, Electric Current,
        and Electric Motors
    Electric Circuits, Circuit Protection,
        and Electrical Safety
    Electric Circuits Troubleshooting
    Control Wiring
    Appendix A—Masterformat 2004
        Edition Numbers and Titles
    Appendix B—Common Plumbing
        Fixture and Piping Symbols
    Appendix C—Specifications
    Appendix D—Answers to Review Questions


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