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Variable Air Volume Systems

Variable Air Volume Systems
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Variable Air Volume Systems
By Leo A Meyer
94 Pages, 6 x 9 softcover


The seven different VAV systems widely used in commercial buildings—cooling-only, reheat, fan-powered, induction, bypass, dual duct, and changeover-bypass. Covers abbreviations and symbols.

Simple explanations of understanding how VAV systems work. An HVAC friend of mine said VAV stood for, “Very Apt to Vomit.” That’s because he didn’t understand them. You will see how simple VAV systems really are when you read this book. VAV systems are now widely used for commercial buildings, and you need to understand all the different types. Like all IET series, this book is practical and easy to read. Read this as another step on your path to HVAC success.

    VAV Systems
    VAV Cooling-only System
    VAV Reheat System
    VAV Fan-powered Reheat System
    VAV Induction System 
    VAV Bypass System
    VAV Dual Duct System
    VAV Changeover-Bypass System
        Fan Control

Mr. Meyer has crafted a well-conceived, nuts and bolts book on the often misunderstood (and misapplied) topic of VAV Systems. This book will be useful for those in the HVACR field who are being introduced to larger commercial systems. It will also make a good reference for experienced technicians who are being introduced to VAV configurations with which they are not familiar. He cuts through the technical clutter of instrumentation and psychrometrics so often found in texts on this subject. He presents the information in plain language, with useful exercises at the end of each section. He has the ability, lacking in other technical writers who simply are reciting information, to teach with his words. This treatment of the topic meets the “3Cs” criteria for quality technical writing: clear, concise, and comprehensive. I sincerely recommend it.
                  Terry M. Rogers, HVAC Instructor
                  Midlands Technical College


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