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The Fundamentals of HVAC Direct Digital Control

The Fundamentals of HVAC Direct Digital Control
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The Fundamentals of HVAC Direct Digital Control—Practical Applications and Design
By Frank Shadpour
310 Pages, Hardcover

The book is directed towards the design of DDC systems. However, the first six chapters give a good explanation of the fundamentals of DDC without the usual technical engineering terms of computer jargon. If you have an understanding of central air handling units and of automatic control systems in general, this is a good introduction to DDC controls. You can get a good understanding of what DDC is all about. But the book focuses on the computer side of DDC systems. It touches only lightly on the mechanical aspects such as economizer cycles, deadbands, and normally open and normally closed valves.


There's a lot of good information in these chapters—the author doesn't get too deep into design technicalities. I found the section on parallel and opposed blade dampers very good. And the schematics of different hydronic systems was very informative. For a rather technical subject, the book is easy to read. There is an occasional stumbling block because of failure to define terms. However, there is a glossary. I would have liked a key to abbreviations and symbols with each schematic drawing.

      The Six Steps of HVAC DDC Design
      DDC Controllers
      Basics of HVAC Controls 
      DDC System Architecture
      ASHRAE BACnet 
      Open systems and LonWorks Platform
      Pneumatic Control and DDC
      Electric Control and DDC
      Control Valves 
      Control Dampers
      Electronic Sensors
      Practical Examples of Chilled Water
          System Control
      Practical Examples of Condenser Water 
          Control Systems
      Practical Examples of Hot Water System
      Practical Examples of Air Handling Unit

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