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Universal R-410A Safety & Training CD

Universal R-410A Safety & Training CD
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Universal R-410A Safety & Training DC


I recommend this CD only if it is used with the book (shown above). Both have the same material.

The CD provides great graphics and an easy way to learn. However, there is far too much technical material on the CD for you to absorb and remember at one time. But if you use the book (listed above) to reinforce the learning and to serve as a future reference, you will have an excellent learning experience. Both the book and CD cover the information needed to prepare for R-410A certification. They also cover practical instruction on service tools, charging, and recovery. There is good material on the MSDS (material safety data sheet). The CD has a quiz after each section that is a good learning exercise. It also has a final test at the end. Do one section of the CD at a time, and then read the corresponding material in the book. Otherwise you will be overwhelmed with new ideas and technical details.


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