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HVAC Equations, Data, and Rules of Thumb, 2nd Ed

HVAC Equations, Data, and Rules of Thumb, 2nd Ed
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HVAC Equations, Data, and Rules of Thumb
2nd Edition, 2008
By Arthur A. Bell, Jr.
790 Pages, softcover

This is a massive work. It contains more information about all phases of HVAC work than any book I have seen. Look at the Table of Contents to see all that it covers. The book's purpose is to provide design and reference data on all phases of HVAC work. It is a useful reference for HVAC engineers, mechanical contractors, and technicians. I think that Commissioning, TAB, IAQ, and Energy Management Technicians will find it a very useful reference.

This is strictly a reference book. It doesn't explain how to use the information and equations that are in the book.


The weakness of the book is that it has no index. A detailed Table of Contents allows you find information—each numbered section has a list of subtopics. But you have to use the book for a while before you can find what you need easily. Also, those of you in the Western and Southern States will probably find it contains more material on steam (over 200 pages) than you care to have.

   References and Design Manuals
   Professional Societies and Trade Organiztions
   Cooling Load Rules of Thumb 
   Heating Load Rules of Thumb 
   Infiltration Rules of Thumb 
   Ventilation Rules of Thumb
   Humidification Rules of Thumb 
   People/Occupancy Rules of Thumb 
   Lighting Rules of Thumb 
   Appliance/Equipment Rules of Thumb 
   Cooling Load Factors 
   Heating Load Factors 
   Energy Conservation  and Design Conditions 
   HVAC System Selection Criteria 
   Air Distribution Systems 
   Piping Systems 
   Central Plant Equipment
   Hydronic (Water) Piping Systems
   Auxiliary Equipment
   Equipment Schedules
   Equipment Manufacturers
   Building Construction Business Fundamentals
   Architectural, Sructural, and Electrical Information
   Conversion Factors
   Properties of Air and Water
   General Notes
   Appendix A: Ductwork
   Appendix B: Hydronic Piping Systems
   Appendix C: Steam Piping Systems
   Appendix D: Pipe Materials, Expansion, and Support
   Appendix E: Space Requirements
   Appendix F: Miscellaneous
   Appendix G: Designer's Checklist


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