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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
By Rex Miller and Mark R Miller
2nd ed, 2012
622 Pages, 8.5 x 11softcover

This book covers all the basics of all types of refrigeration, including servicing and troubleshooting. It is well illustrated, with over 800 drawings and photos.

     Tools, Instruments, and Specialized Equipment
     Development of Refrigeration
     Voltage, Current, and Resistance
     Solenoids and Valves
     Electric Motors: Selection, Characteristics,
          and Problems
     Refrigerants: New and Old
     Refrigeration Compressors
     Condensers, Chillers, and Cooling Towers
     Working with Water-Cooling Problems
     Refrigerant: Flow Control
     Servicing and Safety
     Temperature, Psychrometrics, and Air Control
     Comfort Air Conditioning
     Commercial Air-Conditioning Systems
     Various Types of Air Conditioners and
          Heat Pumps
     Estimating Load and Insulating Pipes
     Electrical Power for Air Conditioners
     Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Careers
     Appendix A: Some New Refrigerants
     Appendix B: Electrical and Electronic Symbols
          Used in Schematics
     Appendix C: Programming Thermostats
     Appendix D: Tools of the Trade (Plus Frequently
          Asked Questions with Answers)
     Appendix E: Generic Substitute Names Used in
          SNAP Listings

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